Proganic Milk
Delicious fresh pasteurised milk by PrOganic now vending at Gates Farm Shop, Cold Overton, near Oakham… full website to follow!

Welcome to PrOganic

Vending fresh pasteurised milk from Gates Farm Shop near Oakham
“Keeping It Real”
PrOganic is our new family business enterprise, established in March 2019. The family have been dairy farming in Leicestershire and Rutland for 30 years as part of the Keythorpe Farms Partnership and it is since daughter Jess Armitage came home from university that the PrOganic brand evolved. The whole family have a great passion for organic sustainable agriculture and since converting Keythorpe farms to organic in 2005 have seen huge positive impacts; from soil and cow health improvements, to the increased amounts of wildlife diversity seen on the farms. It is through PrOganic that we will share with you our in-depth knowledge and the fantastic produce of our organic sustainable livelihood.
We have launched our very own dairy, providing pasteurised milk in our vending machine at Gates Garden Centre Farm Shop, Somerby Road, Oakham,
LE15 7QB.
Fresh milk will be available to buy for £1 per litre.
Opening times are 8:00am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 11.00am-4pm on Sundays.
We will also be providing PrOganic reusable glass bottles for £2 each, and once purchased the bottle is yours to keep and bring back each time for a refill, which also means we are all helping to reduce our plastics footprint.
PrOganic is based in ‘The heart of rural England’ just on the Rutland side of the border shared with Leicestershire. Our happy, certified organic cows enjoy some of the very best views in the county, overlooking Rutland Water whilst grazing diverse clover rich pastures. The cows are milked twice a day for 46 weeks of the year, with the remaining 6 weeks as a winter holiday for our spring calving girls. The cows are out at grass, weather permitting, for at least 9 months of the year. The other three months they are housed in customised cow comfort sheds and fed on top quality organic grass and whole crop silage, which we grow here on the farm.
Our milk:
PrOganic pasteurised milk is produced by our certified organic cows. Unlike supermarkets, we do NOT homogenise our milk – and so a delicious cream layer will form on top. Simply shake the cream back in, or be the lucky one to have it all to yourself on your favourite cereal!
To ensure your milk stays fresh once taken home, keep it in the fridge below 4 degrees C with the cap on. If possible, try not to leave your milk on the countertop or exposed to light for too long. Before refilling your bottle, please ensure that it is throughly cleaned – our bottles are completely dishwasher safe.
Following these simple steps will ensure your milk will stay fresh for longer.
It’s the real deal.

We eat, live and farm organically for a healthy sustainable future.

PrOganic milk vended at Gates Farm Shop.

Pasteurised milk produced by our organic cows.

Happy cows grazing quality pastures with the best views in Rutland.

PrOganic, “Keeping it Real”.

“Standing out in our field”.
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